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As of January 14th, 2014, TrasonOS has been discontinued. Replacing it will be ExcLavOS.




News (As of 1/14/14)



Restarting the Project

With TrasonOS discontinued, we are moving on to ExcLavOS.


As of January 14th, 2014, We are starting the ExcLavOS Project

Here is a list of thing's we are currently looking for:

File Read/Write System: This is key to creating and writing new file types to the OS. Without a valid way to Read or Write file's of any type, creating a system of any kind from hand for each program isn't ideal for an OS.

Network Ability's: Connecting to a Server/Router to access basic File Systems is a virtue in most OS's. Without this, it is pointless to even write one.

Advanced GUI: The Ability to Open/Close, Move Programs to a preferred area on the screen is a HUGE Plus for any OS. Which is why we are asking for someone to help us out on it!


ExcLavOS Team

 We are currently looking for New Team Members to join the ExcLavOS Development Team!

If you would like to join our Team, feel free to apply!


Want to be a Developer?

Stop by the Discussions Tab and fill out the Application!





We need all the help we can get! Submit your code today! All credit will be given fully, and you

will be one with our team, adding yourself a place as a coder on our team. We are here to

make an awesome OS, but making it simple at the same time! See more information here




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