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We are Open source, but only if you ask, PLEASE don't rip off our source. We WILL call you out on it, and call it against the terms of agreement that is automatically signed when you download.

**We give credit to the people over at Cosmos for creating a fantastic kernel.






PowerISO - If you want to run it as a Disc, this is the best way to do so.

VMWare - This is a Virtual Machine that will load a .ISO File and Run it on your Windows/Mac/Linux Machine.


Next, once you have that downloaded, you will go to the File and "Mount" the PowerISO onto one of your Virtual Drives. Once you have done so you may now run it.

VMWare - First, start VMWare and create a new Virtual Machine, once you have the Window open, you are going to want to select boot from a .ISO Image. Locate the File and click next. It is going to prompt what type of Operating System You want to run, Click Other and on the Drop Down box Select Other as well and click next until you hit a point where it says finish. Once you click Finish it should Load.


You want to make an OS yourself?

Go to that site.

You're going to need either Visual C# 2008 Express , or Visual C# 2010 Professional.

Like said up there, Either a USB Flashdrive, CD/DVD, or a Virtual Machine. (Or if you REALLY want to, just input it on a Hard drive)


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