Resuming 2013! Alpha Build 1.0 / Developer Application Template

Jan 18, 2013 at 2:11 AM

As said, We are resuming TrasonOS. We've decided to stick with the old name. We are currently in work of Alpha Build 1.0All last recent builds 7800-8800 Beta will be added as open source.

If you'd like an earlier build to work from, Ask one of the coordinators.

We are also looking to promote editors to full on developers. If interested please send a coordinator your application. (Please use the Application Template below)

(Put in your subject: TrasonOS Developer Application )

Please write in detail, your previous experiences with project's other than TrasonOS.

While working with TrasonOS, What would you say your skill level is now? How would you compare it with your previous skill levels?

During the Development Stages of other Project's, How many time's have you ran into a problem that you either struggled or gave up on?

If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10, What would you say your skill level in C# is?

How often have you ever thought of something and put it into testing? Was it successful?

If you ever ran into a serious problem beyond your capabilities of fixing, Who or What would you refer too?

How well would you say you work with others? Do you prefer yourself as a "Lonegun" or a "Team-Leader"?

How would you go about dealing with someone that Tamper's or deliberatley destroy's partion's of our code?